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Pantanal Wilderness Camping

Tracking Down The Jaguars Experience

 Explore the unspoilt Pantanal jungle far from civilisation with its rich and varied wildlife. We will visit different regions of the Pantanal to make sure you see an authentic variety of wildlife and plants. We will explore the Pantanal mainly by motor boat and on foot. We will set up a clean camp site, collect firewood for heat and to cook simple meals. Against the backdrop of the jungle sounds, we will explain to you about the flora and fauna of the Pantanal as well as the local cultures. Min: 02 guests.

 Head off on the trail of the illusive Jaguar, on foot, by boat and jeep during the dry season (generally from June to October).

  Over 4 days and 3 nights, you will learn about the Jaguar (how and where it lives, when and how it hunts, if it is alone or not) and if you are lucky, you will get a chance to see and observe the world’s third-largest wild cat in its natural environment

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Pantanal Experience
3 days & 2 nights


Bonito Experience scuba Dive & Snorkel

This adventure is open all year for first time visitors, with little time. An ideal 3 day tour where you do trips by motor boat and a jeep safari with walks to better understand the largest wetland in the world.

The ideal tour for those who want  to see the clear rivers of Bonito. Snorkelling, diving, rappelling or visiting caves…we can help you organize an unforgettable experience.

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 Anacondas Experience tour

On this tour we will go looking for one of the biggest snakes in the world!

You will have the chance to see an anaconda up close! In the Pantanal we have three species of anaconda: the black, yellow and green anaconda. Female anacondas reach up to 11 meters and males up to 9 meters.


Pantanal Experience Jaguar House Boat

   Enjoy an adventure tour by houseboat (Chalana Pantaneira) in the middle of the Pantanal for 4 days and 3 nights. The tour begins on the River Miranda in the region of Passo do Lontra, Pantanal of the Abobral. This regions is located 1.5 hours from the city of Miranda. Miranda is located about 3.5 hours from Campo Grande.

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Pantanal Wilderness

Pantanal Experience
2 days & 1 night

 More than 650 species of birds permanently live in this unique natural paradise – more species than in the whole of Europe. From March around 120 species migrate here to breed. You will have the opportunity to listen to the delightful birdsongs and observe the many splendid species.

An ideal tour to do between the months of November to February when the days are still long in the middle of summer. In 02 days, you will make the most recommended tours with our native guides to make the most of the Pantanal during the flood.


Pantanal Wilderness
Bike Tour(CLOSED)

A new opportunity for wild adventure has emerged within the Pantanal. In this tour we will visit the famous Estrada Parque by bike! In addition to being more ecological you will have a better chance of seeing a lot more animals because with the bike everything is quieter, therefore not scaring the animals. Come with us to debut this novelty!

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Pantanal Wilderness
4 days & 3 nights

The perfect all year tour for those searching for a deeper understanding of the Pantanal. Over 4 days, witness some unique moments and have the chance to appreciate the idyllic fluvial landscapes of this natural paradise! Activities are mainly done by motor boat, walks in the forest and a jeep safari with the option of horse riding through the beautiful fields and forests of a typical Pantanal farm.


Pantanal Wilderness
& Bonito tours

 The ideal tour for those who want to see the fauna and flora of Pantanal as well as submerge into the clear rivers of Bonito. You will experience the best of both regions in a short period and take back some unforgettable memories! We can alter this itinerary according to your needs.


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