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Our philosophy is feel, see, smell, touch, taste, hear and enjoy the real Pantanal.

The Company /  The  Guide

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Pantanal Wilderness Experience

Pantanal Wilderness has been working with ecotourism for 16 years. Our mission is to share knowledge and teach how to use and enjoy nature without causing as much environmental impact and view the wetland in the most sustainable way possible that's why we do tours with a reduced number of tourists so that there is total appreciation.Our tours are really deep in pantanal there you will have a chance to know the Estrada Parque where the rivers Miranda, Abobral, Rio Vermelho flows in this area. Besides that you don't have acess to another people just you and the nature. We work with the local people of pantanal to help with local income. And in our tours it has always included the lunch, gasoline for the boat and a bilingual guide. Parallel to Pantanal Wilderness we work in a small NGO where 10% of the company's invoiced amount is donated to help local indigenous communities, respecting all their culture and traditions. We have already worked with NHK TV , FUJI TELEVISION , RTL BELGIUM , MM4 FRANCE, BBCRede Globo. We were published by: FÓDORS, Footprint, Stefan Losen, National Geographic, among others.


Marcelo Indio

Marcelo Indio is the owner of Pantanal Wilderness; he is considered  the best guide of the Pantanal Sul also known as The Jaguar Man by the local population and his clients; Marcelo carries with him several philosophies of life and fits them in his work environment with his method of working in an ecological way and takes with him his culture as an indigenous besides providing a unique experience in all his tours makes him be positively remembered anywhere goes. Indio was mentioned in Topics, DiveMaster, National Geographic and also in the editions of Fódors, Dumond, among others.
Jaguar Man is a live legend from Pantanal; without access to school and still speaks six languages and has several certificates of honor wherever he goes. Indio uses 20% of his entire amount to help indigenous peoples and the local population in the projects he created including: indigenous cultural events,  also provided higher education for fifteen indigenous people; built houses for indigenous people displaced by rain, among others.



What They're Saying

Dear, Marcelo

Dear Marcelo,

Thanks you again so much for all that you have done for me. Getting to know the two of you was definitely the highlight of the trip. I had such an incredible time tracking down jaguars with Marcelo, but also very much enjoying your company at your lovely home. I hope you like the book and to see you soon again.


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