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Sinta, veja, cheire, toque, saboreie, ouça e curta o verdadeiro Pantanal conosco!


Philipp Z.

How beautiful is this place, the Pantanal is the world's largest wetland area, and the world's flooded grassland, it's known for it's high biodiversity. I never have seen so many animals in one day. We saw two Jaguar's (too quick to take a shot), capivaras, many alligators, a great variety of birds, monkeys among many other species. I did a day tour by car and boat with my new friend Marcelo Indio, the legend of the Pantanal. He knows best this place. For everybody who wants to have an authentic experience, I highly recommend him. Now I can cross out a bucket list adventure I always wanted to do, to swimm in a river full of alligators, it was an incredible experience. Also this region was affected by the fires, so that many animals in this region had to die. It's very sad is happening over there.


Victor Galindo.

The experience with marcelo was incredible! You can go and believe with complete confidence! It was great to know the wetland with him! I recommend everyone! 


Magali B.

Back from Brazil with a big crush on our trip to the Pantanal in the company of "Pantanal Wilderness" We had chosen the camping option and it was incredible. Proximity to wildlife and nature for 3 days. Exactly what we were looking for: total immersion. Multitude of colorful birds and animals (capibara, otters, anaconda, iguana ...) A huge thank you to Marcelo our guide and to Johny. Marcelo is a passionate guide, generous enthusiast and who knows this environment perfectly. He always gives the best of himself so that everything goes as well as possible. Our kids loved it! We were delighted with the quality of the organization and the tour offered by Pantanal wilderness


Rede Globo.

Emoções noturnas: o turismo ecológico no pantanal ganha um novo roteiro. Agora, apaixonados pela natureza embarcam em safáris noturnos [...] A curiosidade tenta superar o medo. O guia explica como encontrou a sucuri. "Um pescador viu e me avisou. Aí eu trouxe para mostrar, mas a gente solta no mesmo lugar porque a gente não sabe se ela está indo fazer reprodução, conta Marcelo Índio.

Magazine Tópicos, 2009.

"Pantanal Wilderness. Freelance agency  with a rich Pantanal and Bonito program, including multi-day boat tours or off-road adventure tours in undeveloped areas (fishing, hiking, horseback riding, NIGHT HIKES, etc.). Owner Marcelo Yndio is one of the best Pantanal guides and can explain everything about the animal world or the healing properties of the plants. The agency also organizes fazenda stays (including transport) and bonito tours. Booking from Europe possible." (p.53)


FÓDORS: See it Brazil 1º ed.

The best tours in southern Pantanal are offered by this company, run by a Kadiweu indigenous guide. This is the only agency within easy reach of Bonito that speaks English and has many years of experience. It is also one of the few companies which includes visits to indigenous villages alongside their wildlife tours, and puts money back into the communities. (p. 337)

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